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Help Make A New Outdoor Track A Reality!

The current track at Hopkins Field.

The current track at Hopkins Field.

In three years of existence, MASF has made a large impact on helping improve the athletic facilities in our town. The new turf field at the high school showcases our greatest accomplishment and has been enjoyed by nearly every athlete in Marblehead. We now stand on the cusp of completing another important project – a new Susan Redfield Track at Village School – but we are going to need your help to get across the finish line.

A new track is not a luxury item – it is an urgent necessity

The current track is in deplorable condition. After this year, Marblehead will no longer be permitted to host home track meets, forcing our teams to leave town every time they compete. Until it is replaced, our kids will continue to work out on uneven surfaces and jump into overgrown sand pits. This cannot persist.

The MASF has worked hard over the past 10 months raising money to fund the construction of a new Susan Redfield Track. To date, we have raised $475,000, but we’re still $100,000 short of the goal we must reach by mid-May to meet our timeline of having a new track in place by September 1.

Will you help? Every dollar counts.

It’s easy to give:

•Use the “Donate” button on this page to pay by credit card, or

•Send a gift to us at: MASF, PO Box 240, Marblehead, MA 01945

Thank you for your generosity and contribution toward improving our community.