It’s OK to be Aggressive – This is for Our Kids!

Since we formally began our fundraising last month, several people have approached me and said, “wow, your timetable for this project is really aggressive.”  Since we identified the turf field campaign as the first major initiative for the Marblehead All-Sports Foundation, we have remained steadfast in our goal of having the field ready for the 2013 Fall sports season.  Yes, this means we will have to work hard and ask a lot of people to help, but every time I think about why we are doing this, I become even more committed to the task ahead and this feeling is shared by every member of our group.  It will be wonderful to have a beautiful new turf field at Marblehead HIgh School, but the reason we are putting so much effort into this project and the long term goals of the foundation is to help the youth of Marblehead.  We want to offer them the best, safest environment possible to enjoy their athletic activities, but we also want to give the schools a chance to channel the majority of their funds to classroom pursuits instead of worrying about the state of the athletic fields.  All of us also believe in not wasting any time in pursuing these goals.  So yes, we are aggressive with our timeline for this project, but with the help of the community we are going to make it happen!  Thanks in advance for your support!