Field Access For All

Since we announced our capital campaign to raise the funds necessary to install synthetic turf at Piper Field, several people have asked about how use time will be allocated and if the field is only for the high school.  Virtually all the playing fields in Marblehead are owned by the schools and maintained by parks and recreation.  Today, youth sports organizations meet each season with representatives from parks and recreations, and the schools to allocate field time for practices and games.  This is done after the high school teams have scheduled their games and practices – they do have priority.  Field time has always been tight, but as those of you who may involved in youth sports know, it gets worked out and everyone has always gotten field time.  What changes dramatically with the addition of a turf field at Piper, is the addition of a new field that has never been available in the past.  This will make the total amount of available field time significantly higher and when thinking about potential conflicts between youth sports and high school sports, it is important to remember there is actually very little overlap in their needs.   During the week, high school sports are usually done with their practices when youth sports start and the bulk of youth activity takes place on the weekends when there are very rarely any high schools events.  This is an issue we are well aware of and our goal, along with the town, is to provide a transparent, fair process that will allow for equitable access to the new turf field for all.